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My Buddy AI is revolutionizing the digital landscape, breaking down language barriers and making cutting-edge AI accessible to everyone. With a mission fueled by diversity and expertise, this dynamic team is transforming customer experience across industries, ensuring technology serves with integrity and innovation. Dive into a world where AI is not just a tool, but a partner in growth and connection.


Break free from data silos and empower every customer interaction with actionable insights using My-Buddy.ai.


Shaping a future where My-buddy.ai enhances human expression and connection, transforming how we interact and experience the world.


  • Collaborative Insight: Break data silos for unified access to knowledge.
  • Actionable Data: Empower decisions and customization with precise insights.
  • Enhanced Interaction: Elevate every customer engagement.
  • Transparent Communication: Foster clarity and trust.

We grow your business with full potential by the innovation.

Our approachIs inclusive, targeting not just professionals in office settings but also blue-collar workers. By integrating WhatsApp and other messaging applications, we facilitate these individuals to perform their tasks more efficiently, bridging the gap between technology and practical daily applications. accessible from experience multi talented individuasl
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George Chalkiadakislinkedin

George Chalkiadakis

CEOAs our CEO, George boasts a proven track record of successful exits and sales to notable groups, along with his expertise in innovation, corporate structuring, technology integration, management, and R&D.
Alexey Pavlenkolinkedin

Alexey Pavlenko

CTOAlexey has a Strong Technical Russian profile. His profound knowledge from the Fintech industry and team management skills are instrumental as he steps into the role of our CTO.
Dimitris Strouthoulinkedin

Dimitris Strouthou

COODimitris brings extensive experience from the Forex industry, blending designing and developing responsive web and mobile apps with sales acumen. His skills will ensure that my-buddy.ai stands out, far more than just another bot.
John Papageorgioulinkedin

John Papageorgiou

Commercial DirectorJohn's expertise in commercial, financial, and sales equips him to drive revenue and business development for My Buddy AI. With a tech-focused approach and exceptional communication skills, he leads partnerships and product innovation for growth.
Dr. Charis Savvideslinkedin

Dr. Charis Savvides

Board MemberAs a distinguished lawyer with a unique blend of expertise in finance, technology, and innovation, Dr. Savvides knowledge in asset tokenization is pivotal for us. His role is vital in transforming our dataset into a significant revenue stream, with his contributions in corporate structuring, advisory, monitoring, legal, and financial auditing.
Tereza Venetsanoulinkedin

Tereza Venetsanou

Board MemberTereza uniquely blends sales savvy with coaching and psychotherapy insights, driving our team's success and cohesion. Her leadership, shaped by experiences at Microsoft and Vodafone, is vital in steering us towards innovative and collaborative achievements.
George C. Polyzoslinkedin

George C. Polyzos

Board MemberAn academic and entrepreneur, Prof. Polyzos brings in expertise in distributed systems, networks, security, and privacy.
Divyesh Gohillinkedin

Divyesh Gohil

Development Strategy AdvisorDivyesh is instrumental in leading a high-achieving team of The One Technologies in India, ensuring we secure the best resources in the industry and support our fast growth. He oversees team setup and resource allocation in our outsourced development team.
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